Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blogger Spotlights | Sarandipity

Morning! I'm almost back in Holland guys! Right as we speak I'm already on the plane back to Holland ;). So this is the last Blogger Spotlights. Or should I continue with this post? Tell me underneath this post in a comment yes or no, so it depends on your answer what the outcome will be ;).  Let's welcome Saranda in this post. Her blog Sarandipity is creative and inspiring post! Saranda is such a sweetheart and it always fun to meet her. 

Let's take a look at her answers!
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1. Can you tell us a little about Yourself?
Well I am Saranda, I am 23 years old Uhm I live in Eindhoven, a city in the south of the Netherlands. Since a couple of years I have my own blog called Sarandipity, where I share my personal style and talk about a lot of different things I love. The name of my blog: Sarandipity is actually a combination of my name and serendipity (you'll probably all know the movie, right?!.) It sort of represents what I want to achieve with my blog, inspire others in a way that they maybe are not looking for something, but finding that one thing they love or need to have. What's more to tell about me.. I am an applied psychologist, which is kinda interesting I guess :). 

2. What was the reason why you started your blog? 
I have always been a very creative person but in a way the things in my head just never got out of my head the way I meant it or want it to be. Therefor I actually quit a graphic design education. When finding a new passion, psychology, I mist a creative outlet. And so Sarandipity startedFirst it was a psychology blog, a diary and then finally it became Sarandipity it is right now, a blog about fashion. Ever since starting my blog I knew I finally had found my hobby. You know when in kindergarten and primary school you had those friendship books, I never knew what to write down as hobby haha :). Now I finally know, writing and fashion, those two are my hobbies and passions. . 

3. How would you describe your clothing style. 
My style is pretty feminine, classy and chic but I always try to add a more fierce twist to my looks. I love to dress up girly or chic but for me my outfit has to show my personality. While I may be a pretty sensitive person, I'm also very ambitious, I just always want to add something that shows some powerfulness. 
For example I wore this look a while ago and by wearing For example I wore this look a while ago by wearing the black jeans, black belt and high boots the look became pretty fierce. But I would also love to combine the kimono in an even more classy and feminine way by wearing it with a pencil skirt, lace crop top, soft pink pumps and pearly earrings … I would say: Stay tuned :)

4. How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog? Many people struggle with coming up with different articles/posts. 
ooh this is a hard one. Most of my brilliant *cough* ideas come to me when I am lying in bed, taking a shower or when I am on the road. Moments when I cannot write down the ideas haha. I do have some sort of blogging agenda, which means on Wednesday's I always try to share an inspirational blogpost and on Sunday's I share a trend report. Thanks to this planning I don't have to worry about coming up with new ideas every day or week haha. At the moment I have some new ideas but I am still figuring out how I am going to incorporate these in my blog… I would say: Stay tuned :)

5. What are you favorite brands and shops? 
After cleaning out my closet a couple weeks ago I discovered I am an H&M-aholic, I have so much stuff from H&M haha. But I also love the MANGO, Zara, ASOS and the Dutch luxury warehouse, de Bijenkorf. 

6. What's now on your wish list?
Well, after seeing your gorgeous FURLA bag I am maybe considering buying a FURLA bag myself haha. But I don't know yet for sure. One item that is really high on my wish list are the Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers in white and a pair of colorful Nike Roshe runs. I need more flat shoes! :). 

7. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest? 
Be yourself, the oldest tip from the big book of blogging I guess, but it is very very true! Wear what your want to wear, dare to wear the items you love (whatever other people may think about it) and most important don't copy others. Thankfully we are all unique and we should cherish that. Another tip I would like to give to all of you is to do whatever your gut tells you to do. When something does not feel right, don't do it, sme goes for the other way around… :)
Thanks girlie for the answers! What I loved about Saranda's blog are her pin and inspiration post! Love it! You can follow her on these social media canals. 

Have a nice day sweeties! 


  1. Leukk om te zien!
    En jeej dat je bijna weer terug bent al zou dat voor jou niet zo jeej zijn :P! Al die foto's op je instagram pff zou daar wel willen wonen :P!

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

  2. Thanks for sharing! Have to check her blog now!


  3. I LOVE then name of her blog


  4. Leuk!! Vind het wel leuk als je af en toe iemand op je blog laat.
    Fijne reis naar huis!

  5. Wat super leuk om te lezen al is ze natuurlijk ook een top blogger!